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Migrating to django-cms 3 

The Challenges You Might Face When Migrating Apps To django-cms 3

You might have heard it: django-cms 3 is in beta now, so a final release might be released soon. For a long time we had used cmsplugin-blog with all our django-cms installations. Unfortunately it was lacking many features that we always needed, didn't have much code coverage and didn ...

Simple Backup With Rsync 

A Shell Script & Some Hardware to Backup Your Stuff

Every day I carry around about 830GB of data:

  1. 80GB of application data and my home folder on a SSD drive in my MacBook
  2. 440GB on the original MacBook HD which now serves as a secondary drive. It holds important documents, my iTunes and iPhoto libraries and other big files ...

Reveal.js and Github Pages 

How to Host Your Slides on Github With Reveal.js, Jinja & Fabric

Yesterday, I described why my current presentation stack needs an overhaul. Today I'm going to show you my new stack. This how-to will introduce a little helper project that will allow you to easily kickstart a new Reveal.js presentation, split it up into subfiles and host it on ...

Rethinking Presentations 

Why My Current Presentation Stack Needs an Overhaul

I'm currently preparing a long tutorial about Linux essentials. While I really love Apple's Keynote and Github's Speaker Deck, I'm afraid that for this undertaking my usual "presentation stack" is not going to cut it. Here is why:

1. Collaboration

I will team up with Luther ...

Information Diet 

How I Survived One Week Without Social Media

One week has passed since I started my information diet and I'm happy to report that I was able to stick to my plan and did not cheat. I have not consumed social media throughout the whole week. Here is how it went:

Saving a lot of time

First ...


Run Tasks Automatically on File System Changes

I have tried many file system watchers so far but none of them worked nicely under Ubuntu and OSX with the same settings.

Recently I stumbled upon observr which is a fork of the maybe better known but abandoned watchr.

Installation is super simple, just make sure that you have ...

Irrelevant News 

Note to Self: Must Stop Consuming News

About one year ago I conducted a little self experiment: I removed the Facebook, G+, Twitter and Reddit apps from their prominent positions on my phone's homescreen and declared that I may only start those apps on weekends.

During weekdays I would be allowed to use social media in ...

Shallow Copy Incidents 

How a Simple Bug Cost Me One Week of Sleep

I didn't sleep well recently. I'm one of the organisers of PyCon SG 2013 and specifically it is my task to maintain the website. Since the conference will be held very very soon, we are approaching a hot phase where everyone's hard work has to come together ...

OSX Django Toolbelt 

Everything You Need to Build Django Apps on OSX

Every time I mentor someone about web development with Django, we spend countless hours setting up his or her development machine. I'm getting sick of it, so I thought I might write it all down.

This post will help you to setup a fresh MacBook in such a way ...

Pelican and Github Pages 

Blogging on The Shoulders of Pelican, Markdown & Github Pages

One year ago I blogged about Pelican and up until today this remains the most frequented post in my blog. However, in the meantime Pelican got two major version bumps and is much more powerful now (and easier to use). So let's see how to setup your blog with ...