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Django GFKs & Factory Boy 

Test Models with Generic Foreign Keys and Factory Boy

Let's say you are writing a reusable Django app and your app has a model with a generic foreign key. An example could be a messaging app where messages can attached to any other object (when you think about Facebook, a message can be sent to another User, or ...

Manage Twitter Bootstrap 

How to Manage Twitter Bootstrap. The Sane Way.

Without any doubt, Twitter's Bootstrap is awesome. So far I am using it in more than 10 projects and I don't regret anything.

Unfortunately, Bootstrap has one major flaw: You can't really add it to your project and manipulate it, without editing the source files. Bootstrap offers ...

Solr & Supervisor 

Daemonizing Solr on Webfaction with Supervisor

A while ago I wrote how to daemonize Solr on Webfaction with Circus .

Unfortunately this solution has not proven to be as stable as I wished, plus I think there is a security issue because in theory other Webfaction users on the same machine could communicate with my own Circus ...

RE: Developer Time 

My Answer to Daniel Greenfeld's Post

I just came across Daniel Greenfeld's post about Developer time and when I was halfway entering my reply into the comment field I realised that this might be worth a blog post on it's own. So here is my two cents:

I believe that there are good ways ...

Fixing Mountain Lion 

Fixing OSX 10.8 after Mountain Lion upgrade

Out of habit I opened the AppStore on my MacBook Pro yesterday and found a big fat new app in the spotlight: OSX 10.8 Mountain Lion. I paid my 15 bucks, downloaded the 4GB over night and started the installation this morning. It estimated 34 minutes to install but ...

Solr & Circus 

Daemonize Solr with Circus 0.5 on Webfaction

Since Webfaction increased the available memory from 40 MB to 250 MB I started using Solr for more and more of my projects. However, I never really knew how to ensure that Solr restarts itself if it crashes and how to easily stop and start it in case I have ...

StartSSL and Webfaction 

Installing Free SSL certificate with StartSSL and Webfaction

For my next big project it will be mandatory to use a SSL certificate for the web application. I have never dealt with SSL before, so I am going to take some notes here. Let's see how it goes...

I chose StartSSL because they offer a free certificate.

I ...

GMail & Mailing Lists 

How to Follow Mailing Lists Using Google Mail

Here is a small trick to manage your mailing list subscriptions with your GMail account without cluttering your inbox.

Step 1: Setup multiple inboxes

  • Open GMail and go to Settings
  • Go to Labs
  • Search for Multiple Inboxes and enable it
  • Save your changes
  • Go to Settings again
  • Go to Multiple ...

Why We Should All Write a Video Game 

PyCon APAC 2012 - Richard Jone's Keynote

Here are my notes about Richard Jones' keynote with the title "Why we should all write a video game".

Edit: Here is the video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jpaSS82Jgbg

He starts with a awesomely geeky overview over the history of game computing. It turns out that with an ...

Big Data Clouds 

PyCon APAC 2012 - Analyzing Big Data in the Cloud

Here are my notes on Chris Boesch's talk about analyzing big data in the cloud.

Edit: Here is the video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ADjIt6ZbqKU

Chris is a professor teaching many IT subjects at Singapore Management University. He advertises the cool idea to let the students teach ...