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Run Tasks Automatically on File System Changes

I have tried many file system watchers so far but none of them worked nicely under Ubuntu and OSX with the same settings.

Recently I stumbled upon observr which is a fork of the maybe better known but abandoned watchr.

Installation is super simple, just make sure that you have Ruby installed and then run:

gem install observr

If you are on OSX you should add:

gem install ruby-fsevent

Now in my Django projects I usually have a super awesome fabfile which allows us to run two important tasks:

fab check will check the code for PEP8 compliance, then run the tests and then check for 100% code coverage. If any of those fail, we can't commit our changes, so its usually a good idea to run this all the time.

fab lessc re-compiles our style sheets from less into css. Since we don't want to call this all the time in order to see our changes in the browser, it is also a good idea to automate this.

Enter Observr

Observr simply watches the file system for changes and then executes a command. Since our command is as simple as fab check or fab lessc, we can build a very easy to read script. Just create a compile-less.sh file, and give it chmod +x, for example:

#!/usr/bin/env observr
watch('.*less') { system('fab lessc') }

This would watch the filesystem for any changes in *.less files and then execute the fab lessc fabric task. Make sure to activate your virtual environment before running this script!

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