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Snippets of April 2012

Small Things That I've Learned This Month.

This is my second post in a series of (almost) monthly posts about small bits and pieces of wisdom that amazed me. You can find the first post here: Snippets of February 2012

Ubuntu: Static Application Switcher

App switiching with ALT+TAB became a major pain since Ubuntu introduced that horrible Unity interface. The simple solution is to open CompizConfig Settings Manager and enable "Static Application Switcher" under "Window Management".

I think it is much much more intuitive and effective to have a static list of windows instead of an endlessly rotating one.

Scrolling and Copy & Paste in GNU Screen

I really got to love screen during the past 4 months and usually work in a session with 7 windows open. The problem is, when I swtich to window 1 to see the output of my tests and there is a huge traceback, I cannot use my terminal to scroll up because I will scroll into whatever I saw in the windows before (probably Vim).

The trick is to use Screen's scroll mode by pressing CTRL+A ESC. It will display a message saying that copy mode is activated and now you can move the cursor with the usual Vim keybindings. Pressing SPACE or ENTER once sets a marker and pressing it again will copy everything between the first and second marker into the clipboard.

You can paste the clipboard via CTRL+A ]. Yea, I know. Read the fucking manual... :)

SSH Keep Alive

Whenever I need to SSH into my various servers I get connection timeouts all the time. Somehow most people don't suffer from this so this seems to be a problem with my Ubuntu installation, but recently I found a solution that works for me:

On my servers, I now set this:

# in ~/.ssh/config:
ServerAliveInterval 60

# in ~/.screenrc
caption always '%c:%s'

Now I just need to remember to start a screen session right after I login. The screen setting will render a clock at the bottom of the screen which is enough to have a steady bit of traffic going through SSH for not kicking me out of the server any more.

Nerdy IT Jargon

I can't remember where I learned about these but I love them:

  • <=> is called the spaceship operator
  • Writing variable names LikeThis is called CamelCase. I knew this for years, but:
  • Writing variable names like_this is called snake_case. Very Pythonic, isn't it?

HG Facepalm

I can't believe that this actually happened, but if you have something from Bitbucket in your requirements.txt and try to pip install it, you might get a weird error saying that the pip call to Bitbucket returned code 1 and this pip stops installing.

This is because a recent version of Mercurial returns 1 if hg pull doesn't return any new changes (which happens most of the time).

However, pip (and almost every other software on this planet) thinks that a return value of 1 means a failure and just stops.

Thankfully Mercurial fixed this quickly and reverted that change, so if you are suffering from the "bad" version, you might want to upgrade your Mercurial installation.

Great blog posts

I currently have 190 subsriptions in Google Reader and I am following 298 awesome people on Twitter. These lists are carefully curated by myself and I usually enjoy reading almost everything that comes in through those streams. Here are some posts that, to me, should be spread as far as possible.

  • 9 Essential Skills Kids Should Learn The longer I work on my own company Bitmazk Pte. Ltd. the more I realize that (at least in the IT business) traditional education is completely worthless. I have the feeling that I will put in quite some effort to educate my own kids in a very different way than I was educated myself. This post gives some very very nice ideas.

  • The Only Guide to Happiness You’ll Ever Need The title says it all. After reading "Mindfulness in Plain English" several times, the pursuit of hapiness has become a very important part of my life that I try to consciously improve day after day. I've surely not mastered this aspect of my life but I can tell that this list nails it.

  • Do things, tell people This. Absolutely true. Whenever I did something in the open, no matter how small, lame or unimportant, an incredible chain of events unfolded itself in front of me that enriched my life in ways that I can't put into words. Please! If you have a little bit of energy left at the end of your day, get your ass up, do things, and tell people!

  • Good Agile, Bad Agile It sad but true: This whole Scrumm and Agile movement is a big scam. This rant explains why. Thought provoking read.

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