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Pelican and Github Pages 

Blogging on The Shoulders of Pelican, Markdown & Github Pages

One year ago I blogged about Pelican and up until today this remains the most frequented post in my blog. However, in the meantime Pelican got two major version bumps and is much more powerful now (and easier to use). So let's see how to setup your blog with ...

Blogging with Pelican and GitHub 

Note: This Post is Outdated. Link to new post is in the text.

While it took me indeed just four lines of code and thirty minutes to setup the first version of this blog, I couldn't resist to geek over it for a few more hours and create a nice and clean approach to publishing this blog with Fabric, Pelican and GitHub ...

I Can Haz Blog 

My Next Approach to Blogging. Again.

I'm a netizen since 1996 or so and I think I have accounts for all major blogging services that ever popped into existence. Yet I'm quite sure that I have never managed to publish stuff on a regular basis or even build an audience. This is a shame ...