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Migrating Apps from simple-translation to django-hvad 

Another Lessons Learned While Getting Ready for django-cms 3.0

This is the second post in a small series about problems that might occur when migrating from django-cms 2 to 3.

In my first post I described how to get rid of the M2MPlaceholderField.

This post will deal with the migration from simple-translation to django-hvad.

As mentioned in my first ...

Getting Rid of M2MPlaceholderFields 

Because You Can't Use Them With django-cms 3 Any More

In my last post I gave an overview over some hurdles I had to overcome in order to migrate django-multilingual-news. to django-cms 3.

We can't use the M2MPLaceholderAdmin any more because it uses a widget that no longer exists in django-cms 3. We also don't need to use ...

Migrating to django-cms 3 

The Challenges You Might Face When Migrating Apps To django-cms 3

You might have heard it: django-cms 3 is in beta now, so a final release might be released soon. For a long time we had used cmsplugin-blog with all our django-cms installations. Unfortunately it was lacking many features that we always needed, didn't have much code coverage and didn ...

Simple Backup With Rsync 

A Shell Script & Some Hardware to Backup Your Stuff

Every day I carry around about 830GB of data:

  1. 80GB of application data and my home folder on a SSD drive in my MacBook
  2. 440GB on the original MacBook HD which now serves as a secondary drive. It holds important documents, my iTunes and iPhoto libraries and other big files ...

Reveal.js and Github Pages 

How to Host Your Slides on Github With Reveal.js, Jinja & Fabric

Yesterday, I described why my current presentation stack needs an overhaul. Today I'm going to show you my new stack. This how-to will introduce a little helper project that will allow you to easily kickstart a new Reveal.js presentation, split it up into subfiles and host it on ...

Django GFKs & Factory Boy 

Test Models with Generic Foreign Keys and Factory Boy

Let's say you are writing a reusable Django app and your app has a model with a generic foreign key. An example could be a messaging app where messages can attached to any other object (when you think about Facebook, a message can be sent to another User, or ...

Manage Twitter Bootstrap 

How to Manage Twitter Bootstrap. The Sane Way.

Without any doubt, Twitter's Bootstrap is awesome. So far I am using it in more than 10 projects and I don't regret anything.

Unfortunately, Bootstrap has one major flaw: You can't really add it to your project and manipulate it, without editing the source files. Bootstrap offers ...