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Information Diet 

How I Survived One Week Without Social Media

One week has passed since I started my information diet and I'm happy to report that I was able to stick to my plan and did not cheat. I have not consumed social media throughout the whole week. Here is how it went:

Saving a lot of time

First ...

Irrelevant News 

Note to Self: Must Stop Consuming News

About one year ago I conducted a little self experiment: I removed the Facebook, G+, Twitter and Reddit apps from their prominent positions on my phone's homescreen and declared that I may only start those apps on weekends.

During weekdays I would be allowed to use social media in ...

Snippets of April 2012 

Small Things That I've Learned This Month.

This is my second post in a series of (almost) monthly posts about small bits and pieces of wisdom that amazed me. You can find the first post here: Snippets of February 2012

Ubuntu: Static Application Switcher

App switiching with ALT+TAB became a major pain since Ubuntu introduced that ...