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Why We Should All Write a Video Game

PyCon APAC 2012 - Richard Jone's Keynote

Here are my notes about Richard Jones' keynote with the title "Why we should all write a video game".

Edit: Here is the video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jpaSS82Jgbg

He starts with a awesomely geeky overview over the history of game computing. It turns out that with an Amiga or C64 you basically boot up into an environment that allows you start developing software for that same system.

Unthinkable how much fun we would have if an XBox or PlayStation would allow us to do the same. It turns out, that a MacBook or a Ubuntu machine comes with Python installed.

Forward further into the future where iPads and similar consumer devices might rule the world, it is questionable where the future developers should come from, since it is almost impossible or at least very very hard and limited to tinker with these devices. Another problem is, that even if you figure out how to develop for an iPad, you are again bound to strict rules within the Apple App Store.


Lego is great for exploration, as kids can play with architecture and physics. Other great projects are bitbeam, Arduino and of course the Raspberry Pie, which is currently by far the cheapest computer in the world. Richard gives some examples of awesome projects that people have come up with using these tools.

Code Literacy

Everyone should learn coding, but not to become a professional programmer but rather to get insights into all the gadgets that they are using every day.

Game programming

Getting started

Participate in PyWeek and just create something! Don't worry about graphics. Just get something done that is fun and playable.

Some Zen

  • Get things done!
  • Refactor later
  • Simple is better than complex
  • Complex is better than complicated
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